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What We Do

Take Care of You While Away From Home....

While traveling many times you may get sick. We can take care of you whether it's a severe cold or the flu to suffering a diarrheal illness to having a fall. If you are traveling alone or with your family. Whether you are on vacation  or on a business trip, we will take care of you.


We can see children and adults. Our online doctors are available 9am-9pm / 7 days a week. We can evaluate your illness via videoconferencing from your phone, tablet or computer. We can prescribe lab testing or medications - via e-prescribing - if needed. 

Our fees are reasonable: $100 for a video consultation and follow-up.

We have a dedicated care-management team that will follow-up with you until we know you are better.

Acute Illness: If not severe avoid an expensive trip to the ER

Our team is specialized in helping people diagnose your illness and let you know if what you have is serious and really deserves a trip to the ER. Our goal is to help you get better while away and visiting. We know the New York and New Jersey Medical systems. Many times if you are visiting from another city or country getting the correct care may seem overwhelming.  If you are not feeling well our goal is to get you better or direct you to the right services.

Medication Refills or Short-Term Med Supply

If you struggle with a chronic medical condition like hypertension, diabetes or asthma sometimes you may have a worsening of your condition and need an evaluation. You may simply need refills of the medications you use but have run out. You may need a short term supply of medication until you return home. We will help you find a nearby pharmacy that takes your insurance and order the right medications. Our goal is to get you feeling better quickly so you can enjoy your vacation or business trip. 

About Us

We are all Board Certified Doctors:

Our doctors have the technical skill and experience to help you get better. Our doctors also work with a team of care managers to get you the right care. We are proud of our team approach to provide the concierge care you need.

We Specialize in Family Practice or Internal Medicine:

Our doctors have experience with children and adults, emergency cases and routine cases. Our doctors have specialized in Women's Health, HIV and STD Care, Addiction Medicine, Geriatric Medicine. 

We all have over 15 years of experience:

Our doctors know the New York and New Jersey medical system and will help you navigate the system and be an advocate or you if needed. 

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The Steps:

Contact us and Video Visit

From the comfort of you hotel room or AirBnB contact us and we will schedule an immediate or same day video visit using eVisit a telehealth technology. 

Pick up Prescriptions or Get Referred

Your visit is 100% private and HIPAA compliant yet recorded in an electronic medical record. You will get an electronic summary of your visit. We will send prescriptions to your local pharmacy for pick up if needed.


Our team will follow-up with you in 1-2 days to see how you are doing. You can communicate with us during this time via an encrypted texting platform named Klara. Doctors will be available 24 hrs a day to answer any questions or concerns. 

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